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$150,000 settlement for a young Camden County boy who received multiple scars on his legs after an attack.  The dog's owner did not have homeowner's insurance, but a claim was brought against the landlord of the property where the attack occurred.  The landlord was liable for the boy's injuries because they had prior knowledge of the dog's dangerous tendencies.


$215,000 settlement for a young Atlantic County girl who suffered facial scarring as the result of an unprovoked dog attack. 


$100,000 settlement for an Atlantic County wife and mother who was attacked by a large Akita while attempting to return the dog to its owner.


$300,000 for a Cape May County woman with partial finger amputation


$300,000 for a Camden County woman bitten by a rottweiler


$100,000 for a young Cumberland County boy bitten in the face by a relative’s terrier.


$125,000 for a young Burlington County girl bitten on the leg by a pit bull, leaving scars.


$275,000 for a young Camden County woman severely wounded in the calf by a Rottweiler bite, causing permanent scarring.


$300,000 for a teenage girl from Gloucester County who was attacked by a pit bull mixed breed dog, suffering facial injuries and scarring.


$450,000 for a Cape May County HVAC service person who was attacked by a dog and suffered back injuries requiring surgery.